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Andrew Kleek


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Andrew Kleek is a serial entrepreneur and empire builder, with brands, companies and business associates spanning the globe. Andy’s main passion and business interest is events. He has set up a string of successful events and brands over the past decade, the highlight of which is the For the Love of Sci-Fi experience, a new event concept created by Andy which crosses a comic con / fan convention with a movie theme park.

Andy’s main brands include: Monopoly Events, Comic Con Liverpool, Comic Con Manchester, Comic Con Scotland, For the Love of Sci-Fi, For the Love of Fantasy, For the Love of Horror, For the Love of Wrestling, Cantina Space Bar, Macclesfield Festival, The Great Northern Ska Festival, Uk Bike Fest, Time Quake, & Awakening.


Andy Kleek’s fresh approach to this kind of event has caused a shift in thinking in the industry, the growth of the event has been phenomenal, it has taken little under five years to establish For the Love of Sci-Fi Manchester, and it is now regarded as the UK’s no1 sci-fi Comic-Con / convention.​

In five short year’s Andy’s connections in the film industry allowed him to secure major A-list names for his 2017 show. Jon Bernthal, Karl Urban, William Shatner, Dolph Lundgren, David Hasselhoff, Ernie Hudson, Jean-Claude Van Damme, The Undertaker, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Casper Van Dien, Ian McDiarmid, Zach Galligan, Peter Weller, Warwick Davis, Danny Glover, Sam Jones, Christopher Lloyd, Brian Blessed and many more have accepted and sometimes requested to attend his event in a Hollywood who’s who of celebrities. Andy has already started getting our fans excited for the 2020 Sci-Fi event with the announcement of Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown!